How to reach us?


VP Gariūnai is located in a strategically convenient location near the highway Vilnius - Kaunas - Klaipėda A1 (E85). The newly built bypasses Gariūnai are easily accessible by the main roads Vilnius - Medininkai - Minsk A3 (E28), Vilnius - Ukmergė - Panevėžys A2 (E272). VP Gariūnai has free parking lots, which can be found here. It is difficult to find a free place in the free parking lots near the new building on weekends, therefore we recommend choosing parking lots located in the next Gariūnų str. side of the car market area (distance 200-400 m.). VP Gariūnai offers more than 4,000 parking spaces.


You can get to VP „Gariūnai“ by free buses, the schedules of which you will find click here.

These public transport buses also transport to VP „Gariūnai“, and you can find their timetables here:

20 29 59 68

On the route Bus Station - Grigiškės - Lentvaris there are buses of UAB Centvalis, the schedule of which you will find click here.


A taxi ride in Vilnius costs from 0.50 to 0.90 EUR per 1 km of road in the city. The installation fee is usually calculated as well. Taxis are more expensive on public holidays and weekends. Calling a taxi during peak hours can be difficult. You will pay cheaper if you book a taxi by phone in advance. Be vigilant - taxis on the street charge a higher rate. A trip from Vilnius Old Town to VP Gariūnai can cost 5 - 11 EUR. If you suspect that the price of your taxi trip is too high, ask the taxi driver to issue a receipt with the route, price, note the taxi car number and contactel with . Taxi companies wishing to advertise their services in Gariūnai can apply by phone 8 610 27722 or email