About us

Since its establishment, Gariunai is the main trading area in Lithuania for small sized merchants, manufacturers, tailors, knitters and craftsmen.

The missions of Business Park “Gariunai” is to maintain thousands of workplaces for small and medium sized Lithuanian businesses.

The parks activity is organized and coordinated by companies UAB “Jurgena”, UAB “Posukis” and UAB “Geruda”. With their efforts and work, the companies made “Gariunai” into a marketplace which aligns itself to trading areas in other European countries. The marketplace in maintained through yearly investments, building of infrastructure and creation of new work places. Through the years, business park Gariunai sustained the push from big businesses and retained a solid stance in the market area.

Business Park “Gariunai” is one of the biggest trade areas in the Baltic region for small and medium size businesses. It retains more than 10,000 merchants. 80% of sold goods continue to neighboring countries – Estonia, Belarus, Latvia and Kaliningrad (Russia).

Business Park area contains a new modern 111,000sq/m facility which preserves around 2,000 work places for small size businesses..

VP Gariūnai is located near the largest sleeping areas in Vilnius, where about 90,000 people live. The Western Bypass was built next to VP Gariūnai, 2016. connecting the international transport corridor IXB (Kiev – Minsk – Vilnius – Klaipėda) with the Vilnius – Panevėžys highway.