Business Park “Gariunai” is located at a convenient position next to Vilnius – Kaunas – Klaipeda highway A1 (E85). With the new Vilnius city bypass, Gariunai can be easily accessed by roads Vilnius – Medininikai – Minsk A3 (E28), Vilnius – Ukmerge – Penevezys A2 (E272). Business Park “Gariunai” provides free parking area. More details on parking can be found here. During weekends it could be difficult to find a free parking place next to Gariunai facility, therefore we recommend to find places on the other side of Gariunai str. (distance 200-400m.) in the car market area. In total Gariunai Business Park provides more than 4000 parking places.


Reach “Gariunai” with free bus service. More details on schedules can be found HERE.

Reach “Gariunai” with a Vilnius public transport. More details on schedules can be found HERE.

20 29 59 68

Route “Bus Stations – Grigiskes – Lentvaris” is maintained by UAB “Centvalis.” More details on schedules can be found HERE.


Regular price for a taxi in Vilnius ranges from 0.50€ to 0.90€ for 1 kilometer within the city municipality. Most companies also contain a check-in fee. During public holidays and weekends taxi service contains a surcharge. It might also be difficult to request a taxi during rush hours. To save on costs you can make a reservation by phone up front. Please also be aware that for a street pick up the prices are bigger.
Regular price for a trip from Vilnius Old Town to Gariunai ranges from 5€ – 11€. In case you believe you got overcharged, please request the driver to provide a receipt with the route, price and take note of car license number. Details regarding the previous should be sent to Taxi companies requesting to advertise in Gariunai can reach out by phone +370 610 2772 or email